Killee Cottage

1 Dog Allowed
From €350 for 2 nights
Sleeps 2
Wood Burning Stove

About the Property

1 Dog Allowed
From €350 for 2 nights
Sleeps 2
Wood Burning Stove

Killee Cottage is a wonderful hideaway for a breakaway from life! Located at the foot of the Galtee Mountains, just outside Mitchelstown Killee is set in the heart of the Golden Vale and area renowned for cheese and butter production. For those who like the great outdoors, there are lots of long walks locally in the Galtee Mountains and the nearby Doneraile estate.

The Cottage is charming, comfortable and well equipped. Enjoy the silence of the Countryside and really experience what life was like in a bygone era.

We think you’ll love

  • Your very own thatched Cottage for a short break.
  • Unburdening your mind on a walk through the Galtee Mountains and returning to the Cottage for a long hot shower and a relaxing evening by the fire.


  • 1 Double Bedroom
  • Oil Heating
  • Wood Burning Stove in Sitting Room
  • Electric Oven
  • Microwave
  • Fridge under counter with icebox
  • Towels and Linens provided
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Cooking Utensils and Equipment
  • Washing machine and tumbler dryer
  • Bathroom, with walk in shower
  • Wild Meadow Garden
  • Radio
  • Parking for 1 car

Things you should know: 

There is a step down immediately on opening the front gate so please take extra care on arrival at the property. 

This is an early C19th cottage so there are a number of low doorways so please mind your head!

Please note:  Irish Landmark properties that welcome a pet may not have secure enclosures.  It is vital that you supervise your pet during your stay.

Once one of a number of cottages stretching along this quiet country lane, known locally as The Mall, Killee Cottage and its neighbour are now the only two thatched cottages remaining.  The boundary of this property ends at a small stream and there is a large garden with endless views stretching over the neighbouring fields.

The cottage is located in a landscape that has changed very little since the mid 19th century.  The buildings that appear on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map are generally still in existence and there has been no excessive rural development since.

Killee Cottage appears on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map (surveyed 1841-42) as one of a collection of three dwellings facing the public road with shared commonage to the rear.  The stream forms the East boundary.

The larger scale 1897 Ordnance Survey map has the same arrangement except that the middle dwelling has been lost and the land to the rear is divided between the two remaining dwellings.  The later map also shows the cottage having been extended to the west (outbuildings) and the enclosed yard to the front is also shown.

The cottage is likely to date from the early 19th century or may even be late 18th century.  It was probably built as a direct entry two room cottage and is a good example of the vernacular farm cottage typical of the South of Ireland.  As is often found in such houses, the room on the East side nearest the stream would have been the byre, with drainage directly to the stream.

The walls are constructed of local rubble stone and mud.  Externally the thickness of the walls allows for window seats to the cills which take advantage of the south-facing elevation.  The walls to the east end of the cottage nearest the stream are of a much later concrete construction.  The porch is also of relatively modern construction.

Originally Killee Cottage was probably a one or two roomed labourer’s dwelling that was tied to the Montgomery Estate (Field Marshall Montgomery’s family).  Later it was extended towards the river to provide a bedroom for the expanding family and farm economy as the cottage became linked to a small farm of approximately 12 acres.  The bedroom extension may have replaced the byre or may have been built to replace a previously existing room behind the current hearth.

Though the cottage now consists of a direct-entry plan, it may originally have been of a lobby-entry plan type with a room behind the main hearth.   This room was possibly removed to allow for the construction of the outbuildings.  If so, the recess to the left of the hearth was the entry from the main room to this additional room.

The remains of the early, battered, stone-built windbreak jambs either side of the front door inside the porch suggest that this was the main entrance from an early date, if not originally.  The battered walling at the two front windows may have been constructed as a built-in buttress as part of the original cottage as well.  This walling now forms two deep window seats to use to enjoy the sunshine.

When Irish Landmark took on the restoration of this cottage it looked very different from how it does today.  The most obvious change is the hearth.  The cupboards on either side of the hearth were removed along with the inserted 20th century fireplace enabling the hearth to be opened up to its original size.  Even the original bressumer beam was still in place supporting the opening.

The current kitchen/living room had been divided up to provide another bedroom with a bed loft above. This partition wall was removed to bring the room back to its original proportions.  There was evidence that there was originally a door in the back wall of the kitchen, but it had been partially blocked up and turned into a window.  This was opened up again to give access to the back garden.

The bathroom was originally a single bedroom and has been turned into a smart shower room.  The double bedroom was retained in its original location and repainted a similar deep pink colour.


    Our buildings were made to the standards of earlier times – and sometimes without the intention that they should be lived in. Consequently, you may encounter features that reflect their particular character but that deserve due care and attention, particularly by the young, elderly, less mobile or visually impaired. Examples of these are steps worn with age, uneven surfaces, low ceilings and beams, unexpected drops or changes in level, and by modern standards low or absent lighting. In all cases we have sought to make a sensible compromise between due regard for safety and the careful retention of the fabric of each building, which makes it an interesting place to stay. We ask you to appreciate and use the building with this understanding. If you have any queries about the property you are interested in and would like more clarification please contact Irish Landmark at

  • Check in /Out Time

    Unless otherwise agreed with the House Manager the earliest time at which you can check in is 4.00p.m. Guests may NOT take over the property any time later then 9.00pm. Guests are requested to vacate the property by 10.00am at the latest on the day of departure. This ensures that our House Managers have time to turn the property around for the next guests.

  • Is there a TV?

    No, but there is a radio, board games, cards and plenty of books.

  • Is there WiFi?

    No, at our properties you have an opportunity to experience the best of a former way of life: beautiful architecture, fascinating history and a peaceful relaxed ambiance, without modern electronic distractions, where you decide the pace of your holiday.

  • Can I bring a dog?

    Yes. Check the Irish Landmark T&Cs re bringing dogs to Irish Landmark properties. This property is only suitable for one dog.

  • Is linen supplied?

    Yes – the bed is prepared and ready for your arrival.

  • Is there an open fire?

    No. However there is a wood burning stove in the sitting room. There is a limited amount of fuel left for the fire (where applicable) so guests may want to bring more for the duration of their stay. Please contact the local House Manager for more information on what type of fuel is used at your chosen property

  • Can I light a fire?

    Yes. You can light the wood burning stove in the sitting room.

  • Do you supply fuel for the fire?

    Irish Landmark Trust supply enough fuel for one night only. Guests will be advised where to purchase fuel for the fire locally.

  • Do I need a car to get here?

    It would be preferable to have a car otherwise it will be difficult to get to shops etc as the lodge is situated on a country lane.

  • How do I get the keys?

    When you complete your booking, you will receive an email giving you information about arranging access for your arrival date.

  • Can I arrive early?

    Only by special arrangement with the bookings office and agreement of the local House Manager. The standard earliest arrival is 4pm. A charge is made if you are requesting a morning arrival, as this means we cannot take a booking for the night before your arrival date. Actual arrival time MUST be agreed in advance with the local House Manager.

  • What is the latest departure time?

    10.00am. The House Manager will discuss arrangements for your departure on the day you arrive.

  • How far to the nearest town?

    Mitchelstown is 10 mins drive away.

  • Is there a caterer who will come in to cook meals?

    We do not know of anyone who can go in to cook meals at this property.

  • Is it suitable for children?

    Property welcomes 2 adults and 1 infant under the age of 2

  • Is it suitable for older people?

    Yes. Please note that there is one step inside the property.

  • Does it have facilities for disabled people?


  • Is it suitable for a wheelchair?


  • Is there central heating?

    Yes, there is oil heating.

  • Is the cooker electric or gas?


  • Is there a shower?

    Yes - there is a walk in shower in the bathroom.

  • How many bathrooms?


  • Do you supply towels and bed linen?

    Yes. The bed will be made up on your arrival and you will be provided with a bath towel and guest towel according to the number of beds in the property.

  • Can I get to the house by public transport?

    Yes. You would get a train to Mallow or a bus to Mitchelstown and a taxi could take you onwards from there to the lodge. However, you would need a car to get to local shops, etc.

  • Where is the nearest train station?


  • Can I book for just one night?


  • What is your minimum booking period?

    Irish Landmark Trust have a 2 night stay minimum at all of our properties. Some Special Dates will have restrictions on arrival and departure date which will effect the minimum number of nights.

  • Is there a garden at the house?

    Yes, there is a garden and wildflower meadow.

  • Is there parking on site?


  • How many cars can I bring to the house?


  • Is there outdoor furniture?



It is possible to reserve dates online at but bookings are not confirmed until a confirmation email is received from the bookings desk.


Your booking must be for holiday purposes only.  Irish Landmark reserve the right to refuse hire for purposes other than holiday accommodation. When you make a booking, you accept full responsibility for all persons who will use or visit the property during the period booked.  When you book, you agree to indemnify us against all loss and damage arising directly or indirectly to the property and its contents from any deliberate or negligent act or omission by yourself, or any person accompanying you.


The hiring contract shall be between the Hirer and Irish Landmark and made subject to these Booking Conditions . The Contract of Hire is not effective until Irish Landmark dispatches to the Hirer written confirmation of a booking.


Read Full Booking Conditions

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Beautiful Place to unplug for a few nights.

“Killee Cottage is a beautiful property and we had a lovely stay there! It is very clean and well-appointed. The kitchen especially was very well supplied with pots, pans, utensils, and everything else we needed. There were plenty of electrical outlets around. The bathroom was also very nice and spacious with plenty of hot water. Despite all of these modern conveniences, the property maintains a wonderful historic character. We took advantage of the wood-burning stove to have fires (with the supplies left for us) almost every night. And we loved having our meals at the picnic table out back, where a field of wildflowers and grasses is taking shape. It was a quiet, tranquil place to unplug for a few nights.” (RDeau)

Lovely Peaceful Cottage in the Cork Countryside

“This is a very cozy cottage in Cork county, The wood burning stove was perfect for the cool nights. Very peaceful for sleeping. Kitchenette has everything you need, and there is a picnic table out back which was surrounded by buttercups when I was there. Enjoyed long walks along narrow winding country roads. About 6km outside of Mitchelstown so a car is advised, but there is a Local Links bus from Mitchelstown to Fermoy every 2 hours during the daytime, about 5-10 min walk from the cottage.” ( CDyke).

House Manager

Deirdre Casolani

Deirdre Casolani is the house manager at Killee Cottage.  Deirdre Loves to welcome guests to The Cottage and advise on the best things to do in the local area.

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Booking Conditions


It is possible to reserve dates online at but bookings are not confirmed until a confirmation email is received from the bookings desk.     


Your booking must be for holiday purposes only.  Irish Landmark reserve the right to refuse hire for purposes other than holiday accommodation. When you make a booking, you accept full responsibility for all persons who will use or visit the property during the period booked.  When you book, you agree to indemnify us against all loss and damage arising directly or indirectly to the property and its contents from any deliberate or negligent act or omission by yourself, or any person accompanying you. 


The hiring contract shall be between the Hirer and Irish Landmark and made subject to these Booking Conditions . The Contract of Hire is not effective until Irish Landmark dispatches to the Hirer written confirmation of a booking. 


Irish Landmark reserves the right to increase or decrease the price of unsold holidays at any time. However, such amendments to price will not be applied to holidays already confirmed.   


All prices quoted are based on current prices and rates of V.A.T. at the time of going to press. Irish Landmark is unable to absorb increases in Value Added Tax or any new forms of taxation which may be introduced. Any such increases will be charged as notified and will be payable. 


All bookings can be paid for in full at time of booking. All bookings made within 12 weeks of stay must be paid in full at time of booking. Bookings made more than 12 weeks in advance of stay require a 30% non-refundable deposit with the balance due 12 weeks before arrival.  Irish Landmark shall be entitled to treat any failure to pay by the due date as a cancellation of the booking and will notify the Hirer by email.  The maximum number of payments for a booking will be limited to two – the deposit and balance payment.   A separate payment may be due where an amendment has been made to the original booking.  


Payments can be made by credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard ONLY).    

Payments for properties in the Republic of Ireland are taken in Euros, payments for properties in Northern Ireland are taken in Great British Pounds. 


Please note that only one voucher can be used per booking.  Vouchers have a strict expiry date. 


Upon receipt of payment by our bookings office, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation.  All charges for the booking will be confirmed in this notification.  Once confirmation has been issued, the Hirer is responsible for the total advertised price of the property and any extras notified.   

AMENDMENTS TO BOOKINGS (excluding cancellations):    

Irish Landmark does not offer a transfer of dates option. A complete change of dates is treated as a cancellation 

CANCELLATION POLICY: We hope that you will not have to cancel your stay, or part of your reservation.  If for any reason this is unavoidable, cancellations must be notified by email to In the event of cancellation (this includes a reduction in number of nights) your deposit is non-refundable and the following cancellation charges will apply:  

Date of Cancellation 

Cancellation Charge 

More than 12 weeks before start date 

The deposit of 30% 

84 – 28 days before start date 

50% of total rental 

Fewer than 28 days 

100% of total rental 

Irish Landmark does not operate a cancellation insurance scheme for any reason, including Covid-19, and strongly recommends that all guests take out full holiday insurance cover.    

PARTY SIZE AND COMPOSITION:  In no circumstances may more than the number of persons listed on the booking form occupy the property overnight.   Irish Landmark reserves the right to refuse admission if this condition is not observed. Bookings can only be made by adults and cannot be accepted from anyone under the age of 21.  Irish Landmark only allows guest stays where the lead guest is aged 21 years or over.   


Upon receipt of final payment, you will receive Access Details and Important Information via email about your rental. This includes the contact information of the Local House Manager, directions to the property, arrival and departure time, etc. However, the specific arrival time must be agreed with the relevant local House Manager at least four days prior to holiday start date.  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to arrive at the property at the time agreed with the House Manager. Irish Landmark reserves the right to levy an additional charge if the property is not vacated in accordance with these terms on the day of departure.  


The number of day visitors will be limited to the capacity of the property – i.e., a 2-person property may have 2 day visitors, etc.   Prior written consent must be obtained from Irish Landmark Trust for additional numbers of day visitors. 

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Baggage and personal belongings are always at the Hirers risk. No responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage to any car or its contents. 


Only certain Irish Landmark Trust properties accept a dog.  ALWAYS check this before you book.  Hirers who have made a reservation and are taking a dog will be required to read and agree to special terms, which details the conditions of bringing a dog to one of these properties.  Failure to comply with these conditions could result in the guest being asked to leave a property.  The rental cost is non-refundable in such cases.   


Irish Landmark respectfully request that you charge your electric vehicle at the nearest charging point and not at the property.  


The Hirer is responsible for the property and is expected to take all reasonable care of it. Our House Managers work hard to maintain and clean the buildings and aim to ensure that the property is in a satisfactory condition for your enjoyment.  We ask that you leave the property in a clean and tidy condition upon departure, including all equipment, utensils etc. If the property is left in an unsatisfactory condition and additional cleaning costs are incurred, Irish Landmark reserves the right to recover these costs from the Hirer.   All breakages and damage must be reported to the House Manager immediately so that they can be rectified. All breakages and damage are the legal responsibility of the Hirer and the cost of repair or replacement must be paid to Irish Landmark upon demand.   If there are problems relating to the functioning of the building, please let the House Manager know immediately. Please note that candles are NOT permitted at any Irish Landmark property. Smoking is not allowed inside any Irish Landmark property. 


While every effort has been made to ensure that the representations stated on our website, or any printed literature, are made in good faith, neither they nor any oral representations made by employees or representatives of Irish Landmark Trust will create liability on the part of Irish Landmark. 


There shall be no liability for any claim arising from the act, omission or neglect or default of Irish Landmark Trust, its employees or representatives unless proved to be done with intent to cause damage or recklessly and with knowledge that loss or danger would probably result. Irish Landmark’s agents, servants and employees or other representatives have no authority to waive or modify these Conditions other than in writing. 


On rare occasions Irish Landmark may need access to the property for essential maintenance work, should it be necessary, Irish Landmark will give you as much notice as is possible.   There is no need for you to stay in the property since our House Manager can accompany any such visits. 


If you have any complaint during your holiday, please contact the House Manager.  If the matter is not dealt with to your satisfaction, please email outlining details of your complaint.   


Irish Landmark reserves the right to refuse any booking and cancel any booking already made, if in its absolute discretion it considers this to be necessary. Where a booking is cancelled by Irish Landmark, every effort will be made to offer an alternative holiday at no increase in cost.  If the Hirer does not accept the alternative holiday offered, Irish Landmark will return to the Hirer the deposit paid and any other sum paid to Irish Landmark by the Hirer.  Liability for all consequential loss, damage and disappointments is accordingly limited to such return. 


It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure they book a specific dog-friendly property if they are bringing a dog.  There are specific terms and conditions that to which the hirer must adhere: 

We allow a dog, but only when they have been booked in and paid for. The “Taking a Dog” option must be selected at time of booking.  A charge will apply.  

Our policy is strictly ONE DOG. If you arrive at the property with more than one dog the House Manger is entitled to deny you access to the property.  If it becomes known during/after your stay that more than one dog is/was with you, you may be asked to vacate the property and a charge of €100/£100 per dog will apply. 

You must bring your own crate/bed in which your dog can sleep.  Please also bring bowls, towels, and waste bags for your dog. 

Your dog must be house-trained and kept under proper control.  Dogs are STRICTLY not permitted on beds, sofas, or any furniture.  There is no exception to this rule.  

Before departure, please thoroughly clean the property, paying particular attention to removing pet hair from rugs and soft furnishings.  A vacuum cleaner is available to you.   

If there is evidence that you have not cleaned up adequately after your stay, you will be charged a flat rate of €100/£100.   

You must double-check that the outside area around the property is free of any foul. Dog fouling inside the property is completely unacceptable.  Guests will be asked to vacate the premises immediately if this is discovered.  

Your dog must not be left unsupervised in the property.  We ask that you take your dog with you when you go out.  Please be mindful of any livestock nearby. 


By accepting a confirmation of a reservation from Irish Landmark the lead guest agrees: 


I have read and agree to be bound by the Booking Conditions. 

I agree to be held responsible for the balance of hire for the property due and payable in accordance with these terms. 

I understand that most Irish Landmark properties have no television or internet access; that some have no washing machines or dishwashers; and that many have limited mobile phone coverage. 

I understand that as the Lead Person, I am responsible, before their arrival, for informing all guests of Irish Landmark’s booking conditions, and for their observance of same. 

If I am bringing a pet or having day visitors, I have particularly noted the special conditions that apply in these situations 


Hirers making a reservation over the telephone are deemed to have read all Booking Conditions and agree to be bound by them.   


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Important Notes

1-night stays are not permitted.

Bank Holidays & Special Dates have a set minimum number of nights.

Energy Fees are an additional cost per night.

Deposits are strictly non-refundable & non-transferable.

Cancellation Fees will apply if you cancel your reservation.

Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings.

Special Offers and Discounts are not valid against existing bookings.

There are restrictions on arrival and departure dates over the Christmas and New Year periods.
Strictly no arrivals or departures on 24th, 25th and 31st of December.